Say: he is one
He is the light of the heavens and the earth
(Are you still afraid of the dark?)
Light is particles
Light is waves
Particular waves makes one wonder
About what one sees
He is on whom all depend
(What did you really say when you feared your death?)
The metaphor of his light is as if it were a niche lamp
Flip a switch and it’s on
He begets not nor is he begotten
(You get to have that special fun)
Say: he is one
(You know it. First number you learned
Say: light is particles; light is waves
A niche lamp in a glass
There is none like him
The glass is, as it were, a brightly shining star
(Bigger than Bieber, Lady GaGa, and Pharell too
Say: he is one
(Not Pharell, fool; he’s a good tool)
Lit from a blessed olive tree
And there is none like him
Neither eastern nor western
(Local grown; keeping it close)
Fire does not touch it
Light on light
He begets not nor is he begotten
He guides to his light
Whom he pleases
(The rest must be totally in the dark)
None like him
(What’s like light?)
He knows everything
Photons are born
At the speed of light
Have mercy
He is fast
Humans only apprehend
A slice of light’s spectrum
We get lost at infrared
(Don’t even know we’re naturally in the dark)
The likeness of his light
Means you know what I mean
I don’t want to have to say it.
Light. Definition of speed. Particles.
Waves. Get guided. Go for the ride.
Have mercy. Come out of the dark
Even the sun rises.