Beachtown Tea Wars

There was a crisis today
Isle two, Whole Foods
An unnamed beach community
The Tea was no longer

There where it had been displayed
For untold days; Classics placed high
Commoners middling in the middle
Unmentionables on the bottom

I sought the aid
Friendly assistant bade
That I check isle three
Next to the coffee. I smiled, “I see”

He stroked his brow,
Returned my sociability
With talk of the stark irony
Between me and the other few

Who did not find their brew
Where they thought it ought to be
Furious and hostile, they fumed
Stormed away, irate and tea-less

I like my Earl Grey perhaps more
Than I should but I’ve gone with brute
Substitutes two days, maybe four
Sadly tea-less yet Whole Foods resolute.