When the alien nation entered
the stream of your being, when
the scent of the lost promised renewal
then, only then you knew
the invasion would fail as promised

And we spoke of Star Wars
its Jewish mythologic roots
and how we speak clearly through
only the myths we know as real
like we know the scent of the lost

That was purportedly promised
Adam, being reformed in the garden,
that he lost by the lies of his nemesis
still beautifully told
that even Eve, the rib, sought a bite

That alien nation
ruthless as mercenary Crusaders
taking all by sword and shot
the land that held the Holy Grail
the land of the Sacred Ark

Sinn’s home, the old moon god’s known lair,
Mt. Sinai, where somebody dared
shed his shoes and spoke in a hush to a bush
then wrote some slogans on stone slabs
crashed the calf party and broke it down

This chemically alien nation
will fold its tents by programmed command
when the job’s done, the war won
when Luke Sky Walker strides like Jesus
in his father’s shadow

Brave as the King of the Wood
the Cross became his transforming Rood
Your natural cells shall then revive naturally
from memory embedded within the gene’s good
intent revealed through ancient cosmology.